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Randall Alexander

Palma Victoria Armond

James Peter Badon

Timothy James Botsford

Glenn Steven Braun

Irene Maria Dette

John Doss

Mark Eugene Iezzi

David Paul Guth

Paula Joan Joseph

Rhonda Lightfoot Long

Tameeca Shalandaet McLaurin

Rebecca Jean Neely

Derrick Eugene Payton

Rebecca Inez Reiher

***Anyone knowing of other classmates we have lost, please let me know. G.

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  1. Dee Badon said,

    I am sad to inform everyone that James Badon passed away a few years ago. He had leukemia.

  2. Karen Kelly said,

    We lost another dear friend this morning April 5,2007, in a car accident: Rebecca Reiher, Class of 82

  3. Sam St.Phard said,

    I am tremendously saddened by the loss of all of these classmates of ours…but to lose Rebecca in less then the past 24 hours is especially difficult to handle. Let’s all pray for her family to be comforted, and let’s pray that we not lose one more of us that has already made arrangements to attend this 25th anniversary. I miss you all, and can’t wait to see everyone of you…….please stay safe!!!

    Warmest Regards,
    Sam St-Phard.

  4. Lori Nance said,

    Just to let you all know I am sad to tell you that Paula Joseph past away several years ago. She worked at Brock Elementary School with the Special Ed Dept. She is sadly missed by her husband & 3 sons.

  5. Rebecca Parker said,

    Rebecca Neely passed away from Cancer. I believe it was in late 2016.

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