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The idiot’s response

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Farmer admitted to his involvement with the fire and when asked why he did it, he stated “I was drunk and not in a position to do anything”

Tell me why!

Hurricanes or Pyromaniacs – Pick Your Poison

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Coaches Scramble

So it’s not enough that all our schedules are completely off-kilter because of stupid Gustav and perhaps even Ike, no that wasn’t enough. Two loosers by the names of Michael West & Dylan Farmer, with two much free time on their hands (one of whom is a 2007 SHS graduate, no less) ALLEGEDLY thought it would be fun to burn the press box down early Monday morning, sending football coaches at more than two schools as well as reunion celebration planners scrambling to make alternative plans for Friday night’s game between Slidell & Salmen (always a big draw) and the 100th anniversary celebration (sure to draw a huge crowd.)

I have a theory about these two clowns. If they’d paid more attention in math class while they were in high school, they might, right now, be successfully drinking their way through LSU instead of trying to burn down the high school.

In spite of all the extra work, to say nothing of the additional expenses these two idiots have now caused, there is some justice, in that, those of us who did pay attention in math class all those years ago, will tonight sleep comfortably in our beds and these two are now on the “three hots and a cot” plan! Enjoy your new accommodations, gentlemen!

At some point, the big game will be played and the anniversary celebrations will take place and these two morons will be held up as text book examples of what becomes of those who don’t pay attention in class.

SHS ponders proceeding with celebration

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His mom must be so proud!

Their moms must be so proud!

Fire Destroys Slidell High School Press Box

On Monday, September 8, 2008 at 2:35 a.m. the Slidell Police Department and St. Tammany Parish Fire District One received a 911 call that Slidell High School’s Press Box was on fire.

When police and fire units arrived on the scene they discovered that the Press Box was fully engulfed in fire. While Fire personnel extinguished the fire, Slidell Police Officers checked the entire school grounds for any other signs of break-ins, fire or criminal damage, finding none.

Investigators from both the Police and Fire Departments responded and began their investigation. After the fire was determined to have been deliberately set, Investigators first spoke with the person who called 911 and he told investigators that he saw two subjects park a white Chevy P/U, near the school and enter the school grounds. The witness thought the two were going to run on the school’s track. A while later he saw the two subjects leave in the same truck in an unknown direction. A short time later he heard a loud bang come from the school and when he exited his home he saw the Press Box on fire and immediately called 911.

Investigators were able to locate a piece of evidence on the scene which led them to a local convenience store. There they were able to locate a credit card sales receipt with the name of Michael D. West; the clerk was also able to give a description of a vehicle that West was riding in, which matched the same given by the witness. Investigators then went to the home of West and interviewed him. During the interview West admitted to setting the fire. West told investigators that he first broke into the Press Box and was causing damage to it’s interior when they started to light pieces of paper on fire, when the fire got out of control they left. West did not give investigators any further motive for the crime. Investigators are continuing to investigate the incident and expect at least one more arrest to be made in the case.

Arrested Subject: Michael D. West age 20 of 112 Wellington Lane, Slidell, LA was arrested and charged with Simple Arson. West was booked at Slidell PD and transferred to the St. Tammany Parish Jail where bond was set at $20,000

UPDATE: Second Arrest
On Monday, September 8th at 3:00 p.m.18 year old Dylan Farmer the second suspect in the Press Box Fire was arrested at his place of employment.

Farmer admitted to his involvement with the fire and when asked why he did it, he stated “I was drunk and not in a position to do anything”

Arrested Subject: Dylan Farmer, age 18 of 1324 Greenlawn, Slidell, LA was arrested and booked with Simple Arson; Farmer will be transferred to the St. Tammany Parish Jail where bond will be set.

Investigators do not anticipate any more arrest in the case.

PIO: Captain Kevin Foltz 985-290-0767

SHS 100th B’day celebration starts now!

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Gene Seroka AKA Eugene Seroka

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That’s “Mr. Seroka” to you & me, was recently appointed senior Veep Middle East & East Africa for American President Line & APL Logistic. He will be headquartered in Dubai.

Which begs the question – Why do all the Eugene’s & Danny’s of our class insist of now being addressed as Gene & Dan? Following that trend, as I was known, back in the day as Gnanse Jo, I shall henceforth be addressed as Jo Blow! I’m just saying…

Congratulations Eu Gene!