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WordPress.com names us: Blog of the Minute:  shsclassof82.wordpress.com

I’m not sure how or who decides these things but then again, it’s kinda like a trophy; I don’t know how they’re made either but it’s fun when you receive one.

Who knew our humble little blog would go so far! Thanks WordPress!

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  1. sandra Faulkner Theriot said,

    Hi All,
    I can’t believe it’s been 25 years, time sure goes by fast when you are raising children. After moving around quite a bit, our family has settled in Lake Charles (hopefully for good) My husband Doug, and I have been married 22 years and we have 4 children. Heather is 25 and is an English teacher, Dani is 21 and will be a senior at McNeese majoring in Biology Education. Doug Jr is 18 and graduating from St.Louis High in May, and finally there is Will. Will is 6 and attends St Margarets where he is in kindergarten. (I guess we were scared of empty nest syndrome). We unfortunately, will not be able to attend the reunion. The whole Faulkner side of the family will be at Disney World at that time. I sure will miss seeing everyone.

  2. Alain Guydan said,

    Hey everyone,
    I am now living in Richmond VA. I married a wonderful lady named Tina. We have been married for 12 yrs. We have 2 children Shelby 12 going on 35, Alain II just turned 10. I am so glad I checked my old email acct.to find this site. Would love to keep in touch with you guys. Looking at the site I am so sorry about the losses the class has had over the years. It is really hard to believe that 25 years have passed. I can hope that we will be able to make the reunion. my email address is koonas2@comcast.net.
    Alain Guydan

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