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46 Responses to 'MISSING IN ACTION – 97 :('

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  1. hi, i’m still here and would really like to hear from the few of you i remember. i would love to hear from melissa taylor, becky reynolds, cynthia cullen, cathy agapos, mike fernandez, or any one else that might remember me.

    • Hey Kim,

      Cathy is or was on Myspace. She is on my friends list there. You may remember me as Becky Bowman. Cherri Closson is on Facebook (on my friends list) So are some of the others you will remember from school. Look me up under Rebecca Bowman on Facebook.

  2. I’m NOT missing!!!!! I’m coming to the reunion! Somebody tell the “Wendy’s” crew that I am still alive and kicking. You guys can add “FOUND” next to my name…….better yet, take my name off of this list. I am on my way back to totally celebrate with the people who made my senior year of High School the greatest Academic year of my life! Those of you who share with me the Honor that only 455 of us have on this whole PLANET!!! And that honor is the designation of being Members of the Slidell High School Graduating class of 1982!! Let’s face it ya’ll…..we were the best senior class Slidell High has ever had………It’s true, it’s really true………see ya’ll on Friday July 20, 2007.

    Warmest Regards,

  3. Mike O'Neill said,

    Victoria Sedonia Cousin- I think she was working at the federal credit union across the street from the old k-mart on gause blvd.

  4. Erin Moore said,

    Present. Living in Dallas w/ a bunch of other SHS ’82 grads.
    Think about folks often and wonder what’s happening to everyone. Gonna come to this reunion. Hoping to see Luis Cordon, Yolandi Tai, Pam Bartfay, Tommy Tackett and Gwen Bernacki. Anyone know where they are?

  5. john gilley said,

    Ricky Rousset lives in Tempe or MesaAZ. Larry McCarra is a St.Tamanny Parish Sherrifs officer.you may be able to contact him through Gary Dyess.

  6. lori nance said,

    just to let you know john gilley, gary dyess retired. am trying to reach others through work & play. hope to see you all there.

  7. Carmen Martin Leebrick said,

    Cynthia Cullen is working at HRBlock on Pontchartrain Dr.

  8. Chris Yarborough said,

    Mike Westerman is driving a school bus for Katy Independent School District in Katy, Texas.

    Marc Blackstone is a medical doctor in Simpsonville, SC

    I have been in Houston since 1988 working for Hewlett-Packard as a New Products Manager. Married w/2 kids.

  9. Luis Cordon said,

    Hey everybody!
    I don’t know yet if I’ll be able to make it, but I’m going to try.
    I’m a professor of psychology at Eastern CT State University, I’ve been married for 18 years (and I have a daughter who’ll be a senior in high school next year!), and I never thought I’d end up settling down this far away.
    Erin, how the heck are you? I’ve been wondering about you and everyone else you mentioned as well.
    Sam, I think I speak for everyone who checks this board when I say that the first thing I thought of upon reading your name was the pep rally haircut.

  10. Rick Jarvis said,

    Hey Ya’ll,

    Have you been back on Jeapordy again? It was like a voice from the past.

    Last time I talked to Pam’s mom she said she lives in Baton Rouge. Are you still out by White Rock Lake?

    Randy lives in the Orlando Area and travels all around the world with his job.

    Lisa Pariseau lives in NYC, she was a singer in a group called kiwi lip bomb, a while back. Check her out at kiwilipbomb.com

    I live in Vancouver WA, Married for almost 21 years with 6 kids.

    Those are the only people I know anything about.

  11. Sherri Hyde said,

    Hey Everyone,
    I’m not missing, just moved away… but not far. I’m currently living in beautiful Mobile Alabama.
    Ya’ll take care!

  12. Denise Barnes McVey
    95 Inside Road
    Picyune, MS 39466

  13. 543210cpp said,

    Thanks Belinda. Gnanse

  14. Leah Haydel said,

    Hello Class of 82,

    I am still alive and well. Living in Tacoma, Washington. I have 2 boys 23 and 21.

  15. Nick Fox said,

    Another MIA found, Nick Fox. I’m still hang out at McDonalds in Slidell waiting for everyone to cruz through! I’m heading out to Road Side in a little while. Haa Naw, I live just north of Lake Charles in the country in a little community called Dry Creek. Yea, I would have never have thought I would be a country boy either! I guess it was a good move, I’d rather dodge deer on the road than bullets in N.O./Slidell. Besides, I have a beautiful 14 yr old daughter and I remember how boys from Slidell act like around girls. I also have two boys: one is 16 and the other is 9. Same wife of 19yrs.

    Anyone wishing to contact me, you can e-mail me at: foxden@camtel.net.

    90% sure I’ll be there for the reunion!

    We better have one hell of a party, I’ll be turning 44 July 20th!!!!
    Someone bring the beer bong and someone else bring a quarter,cups,and a good table to bounce the quarter on!!

  16. I have an address for Rae Schreiber’s parents:
    Claire Schreiber
    902 Royal Palm Circle
    Winter Haven, Florida 33884-4105

  17. 543210cpp said,

    Thanks Belinda. G.

  18. Ellen Luparello said,

    Brenda Shank Allen and Robert Allen live in Texas.

    21210 Wild Jasmine Lane
    Katy, Texas 77450

  19. Trisha Entrekin said,

    Hi, guys! I think it’s great that everyone’s getting in touch with each other. I would like to hear from you, too! My email’s lildudesmom@yahoo.com.

    I’m married, with two boys – older one will be 24 in October; the younger one will be 4 in a couple of weeks. Yes, you read that right! I also have a grandson who will turn 5 in July.

  20. Marybeth Bobeck said,

    Email address: marymarycsr@optonline.net

  21. Sam St-Phard said,

    You had me laughing so hard. I had completely forgotten about the Pep Rally haircut! Listen guys, somebody needs to find Justin and let him know that I haven’t forgotten that it was he who sheared my scalp(LOL)!! By the way gang, when he first cut into my “‘Fro(Afro for those who aren’t familiar with the abbreviation)” I heard Justin say”Uh oh.” Right then and there, I should have known something was up. How in the world would I have known that I was going to be bald at 17 years old? Hey Justin….you better be at the reunion, buddy, because when I went looking for you after I finally saw my beautiful newly bald head….you had somehow mysteriously disappeared(LOL)…..Dude, I am totally kidding around. Hey gang, that happens to be one of my favorite memories of High School.

    In case anyone is wondering what I’ve been up to, I am the proud Father of 2 boys from my first Marriage(13 years old and 9 years old of whom I have sole custody) and I am getting Re-Married next Spring to the Love of my life(Ya’ll will meet her at the reunion), she has two phenomenal Boys(18 years old and 17 years old). I was an outside Sale Rep. for 18 years and I am now one of The Principals of Galloway-Knight Investments, LLC. We are a Real Estate Investment Company that Purchases Raw Land and then sells it to National Builders and developers…….Gang it’s so much fun!! It’s like Monopoly, except the money is real…and so is the property(LOL)! I wish I could go on and on(and you all know that I could easily do so….I’m still as long winded as ever…..[LOL] ), but I’ve got to get back to work. I will be there guys……I love everyone of you, and Luis thanks for triggering such a special moment in my memories………..

    Warmest Regards,
    Sam St-Phard
    Class of 1982.

  22. Melissa Christine Dilmore said,

    Robinson, Chris [Edit]

  23. Chris Dilmore said,

    Hi. Christy Dilmore (now Robinson) at PO Box 422, Lima, New York 14485
    Writer, editor, proofreader… Married to a Canadian, two boys (born 1990 & 1992). Happy with life (though there have been challenges), generally optimistic, healthy, still mostly a redhead. No longer performing impressive gymnastic moves, though still in good shape.

  24. Chris Dilmore said,

    PS: I wear reading glasses, have trouble with cellulite, occasionally have digestive issues, frequently find myself looking at younger men, notice that my face is falling… otherwise, life is good.

  25. 543210cpp said,

    Chris, don’t you know that there’s a doctor out there for all those ailments? Except the “looking at younger men” sympton. We don’t really need a cure for that, do we?
    All best,

  26. Tina Maddox said,

    Bert and Barry Castanada are still in Slidell. Look in the phone book under “Midgets” Just kidding, but really they should be in the book. Their dads name is Robert and you could call his house.

  27. Sam St-Phard said,

    Rory….oh Rory! Rory Paul Mitchell, you had better be at this reunion. I had so much fun with you my Junior and Senior years, and I owe you, because it was your idea for me to run for Student Council President! Man, it would have never even crossed my mind to run if it hadn’t been for you…so now, everyone, you know who to blame(LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). All kidding aside, Rory, I want to thank you, man, for believing in me enough to even suggest that I try. You were one of my closest friends and I hope that you will be at the reunion….please, man, don’t miss it.
    Sam St-Phard
    ( “Wendy’s” Floor scrubber:-) )
    Class Of 1982.

  28. Kelly Yaeger said,

    Kelly D. Sheffield is living in Lawrenceville GA. I have’nt seen her in (YIKES) over 3 years, and me, being me, I have lost her numbers!! So many things get lost in my house, it’s ridiculous! So if you, or someone you know is in the witness protection program, and you need a safe house, keep me in mind!
    Take care,
    Kelly Yaeger

  29. Sam St-Phard said,

    Hey Ya’ll,
    I am wondering if anybody knows if Sam Schultz, James Breeding, and Bobby Anderson(You all remember Bobby. He was the Star Placekicker for the Football Team and it was he who kicked the winning extra point against John Ehret High School; after Nicky Fox’s TD catch; that was set up by the powerful running of Eugene Hartley and Brent Verswevelt[hey Brent I think I misspelled your name, sorry dude!]. That win…27-26…sent Slidell High School to The State Playoffs for the first time in 27 years!!) are going to be at the reunion or if anyone knows how to reach these guys, and apparently, Rory Mitchell has gone MIA on us all again, is there anyone reading this that might have any clue how to find him? If so, please post it, and I would be in your debt. See ya’ll on Friday July 20, 2007. The party is about to begin….and if ya’ll remember anything about me….I AM ABOUT TO PARTY!!!!! Go, Go, Go, Go…you mighty Tigers….

    Until then,
    Sam St-Phard
    Class Of 1982.

  30. Eric McGovern said,

    Howdy y’all. I left a comment in the Located section…..Anyway, I will DEFINATELY be there. No more curly red hair, now it’s shaved head & red goatee, the goat comes & goes depending on my mood! Barbed wire snake ( my own design) on left forearm, I’ll be easy to spot, just look for the lil bald leprechaun!!! Married once in California back in 93 divoced in 94 she did me wrong & left me. Engaged again a few years ago, she went back to Wisconsin & married another cat. I’m free as a bird, no kids yet but I’ve always wanted some so WATCH OUT!!!! LOL!!! Looking forward to seeing everyone! PEACE!

  31. Terri Plaisance said,

    Doesn’t look like I’ll be making it to the reunion this weekend, but I wanted you to know that I’m not lost either. My email address is tristanta@hotmail.com. I live in Carrollton, TX (North Dallas) working at a middle school in the special ed dept. I have a son who’ll be a senior this year and a daughter who will be a freshman. Enjoy the reunion. I hope to make it to the next one.

  32. Clarissa (Thornburg) Ward said,

    Hello everyone! I am alive and well in Orlando. I am single after 24 years and loving it!!! I have two sons, one sailor and one soldier. It sounds like ya’ll had a great time at the reunion. I was in Slidell the week before but didn’t know about it. I would love to see everyone again. Maybe next year.

    • dana said,

      single and loving it

  33. Amy Robertson Browning said,

    Ok…I am a little behind the times. I was looking through the latest e-mail from nanse about the 100th year celebration. I hope I can make the 30th reunion. I live in Mobile, AL and have four children (boy/girl twins, age 13, boy, 9 and another boy, 7. I am married to an attorney (who is originally from VA). I am a freelance writer and photo journalist. Amy

  34. Amy Robertson Browning said,

    Ok…I am a little behind the times. I was looking through the latest e-mail from nanse about the 100th year celebration. I hope I can make the 30th reunion. I live in Mobile, AL and have four children (boy/girl twins, age 13, boy, 9 and another boy, 7. I am married to Scott, an attorney (who is originally from VA). I am a freelance writer and photo journalist. Amy

  35. Amy Robertson Browning said,

    oops..my e-mail is amyrbrowning@comcast.net

  36. Margie Salladino Mastrome said,

    Hi all. Wish I could’ve made the reunion but my son has been ill. I have been married for 20 years and have one 18 year old son. I am a Registered Nurse in the Oncology (cancer) field.

    All your notes made me smile! Brings back some good memories.
    fmmast@aol.com is my email

    Love to all my old friends!

  37. Catherine Agapos said,

    Karen Yost can be found in Sarasota, FL!

  38. Ken Matson said,


    I doubt anyone would remember me as High School was not my thing.

    I am alive and well in Waller, TX. Married 10 years, daughter and son… living happily ever after!

    I’d like to touch base with John Elam if he can be found…

    Good luck to all.


  39. Luci Baughman said,

    Hi everyone! I live in Fort Walton Beach Florida and have been here for the last 23 years. Still go to Slidell alot as parents are still there. I have one beautiful 24 year old daughter. Would love to chat!

  40. John Klinger said,

    Hello all, I doubt many will remember be as I was somewhat of an outsider while in school. Anyhow, I have been in Marietta (Atlanta) Ga. for the past 21 years. I am in the process of relocating to the DC area for a job with the Dept of Interior, just waiting on the background check. After school, I had a short career at LSU (majored in barcardi) I then did 4yrs in the Air Force and went to night school for 7yrs to get an MIS degree. I work as a Systems Analyst. I am currently married (since 2002) and have a 16 and a 13yr old from a previous marriage. I haven’t talked to or seen anyone from SHS in years but I think one or 2 of us are in the metro Atlanta area. My parents retired and moved to FLA so I don’t really have any reasons to go to Slidell. I did buzz through a few years ago and stopped at the school and my old house while on my way to New Orleans to go on a cruise. In my free time, I ride my Harley and scuba dive whenever I get the chance.

    • Rebecca Bowman said,

      I remember you John. You were in my Civics class. Outsider?? Not so much. I remember you as being quite funny.

      • Tiger82 said,

        He thinks we don’t remember that his birthday is on Halloween! 🙂

  41. Christopher Michael Andry said,

    I am alive and well. I still live in Louisiana.

  42. Gwendolyn Lewis-Williams said,

    Not lost or missing.

    I have lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the past 26 years. I’ve been happily married for 18 years. We have a 12 year old son and a 10 year old daughter. I visit Slidell at least once a year; my parents/siblings still live in the area.

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