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Feliz Cinco de Mayo

Posted in Uncategorized by Tiger82 on May 3, 2007


Have a safe & happy weekend!

In his one man stand against illegal immigration, Rodney McKelroy will refrain from the Cinco de Mayo festivities this year and instead observe the ancient Celtic May Day holiday of Bealtaine. (just google it)

To ward off evil spirits (illegals) Brother McKelroy will be posted outside Cucos in his clan tartan, playing “La Cuca-Rocha” on his bagpipes!

Hope he doesn’t plan on starting any purification “need fires” on the “moors” out at Roadside!

Meanwhile, some of the Anglos among us will be enjoying the Queen’s visit to Jamestown to celebrate the Settlement’s 400th anniversary. (Remember that history lesson?) God save the Queen and those wacky gals in the National Society of Colonial Dames!

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  1. Rodney McKelroy said,

    Bealtaine at roadside: Bonfires, Bagpipes, Beer/Ale and fertility rights . . . . sounds like fun . . . better than a night a Cuco’s drinking salty Kool-Aid

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