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Three months away!

Posted in 25th reunion,class of 82,high school,louisiana,reunions,slidell by Tiger82 on April 25, 2007

As unbelievable as it seems, we are now just three months away from our 25th High School Reunion! Just typing that seems weird! Nevertheless, we are looking forward to seeing all of you & finally getting to enjoy what Heidi, Micheline, Rodney & I have been working on for almost a year now. It’s definitely been a labor of love.

Of the 446 former classmates, as of today, we’ve managed to locate 280. Thanks again, to those who sent in contact info on others. It really has made our job easier. However, there still remains 186 unaccounted for. We have reached a complete brick wall on these so, one more time with feeling – Please take another look at the “Missing In Action” list and if there is anyone on it that you have any idea how we might locate, let me know.

Thanks also to those who have sent in their reunion fees. For those who haven’t already done so, all fees must be received no later than July 13. However, our job is made easier if payments are received sooner rather than later. And just a reminder – we cannot accept payments during reunion weekend. If the deadline is a problem for anyone, please let me know via email.

All best, Gnanse

PS. To those of us who attended Boyet Jr. High, their combined reunion for the classes of ’75, ’76, ’77, ’78, ’79 & ’80 will be held the weekend following ours. Please click on the Boyet link to the right for more info.

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