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Back in the Day

Posted in Uncategorized by Tiger82 on April 19, 2007


Remember when this was not only funny…it was perfectly harmless?


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  1. Dan Morris said,

    I’m not sure Kevin was ever *perfectly* harmless . . .

  2. Sam St-Phard said,

    What a great year we all had in 1981-1982. Think about it. We were, as best as I can recall, a very unified and School “Spirit” filled Student Body.
    Our Principal, at the time, Joseph Buccaran, believe it or not, knew the names of every single one of us at Slidell High…….all 2,500 of Us! AMAZING! Why is that so important? Because it showed that he genuinely cared, and that he was the “Ground Zero”, The “Flash Point” for what became the year of the Mathematical equation: 2500 = 1. That year, 1981-1982, Was the year that The Student Council went from being, just another “club”, to stepping up and stepping out. Sam St-Phard(President, Class of ’82), Steve Lebo(Vice-President, Class of ’83) and Karin Wu(Treasurer, Class of ’82). These were three of the elected officers that were chosen by the Student Body. Together, along with an advisory board handpicked by Sam St-Phard, as well as representatives of each class selected by their respective classes,…..The Student Council, in 1981-1982 went from being a “Club” to being what it was intended to be….the representation of the Slidell High School Student Body. Why is this so critical? Because, since that year(1981-1982) there have been unspeakable acts of violence in America’s High Schools. From Columbine, to a shooting in Georgia, to the worst of it all…..The Virginia Tech Massacre! Why is this so important? Because every single one of these Shooters was either a “Loner” or someone who was retaliating for being “Bullied” by the “Popular People”……in HIGH SCHOOL! The shooter at Va. Tech, by all accounts was a loner in High School and never felt included in anything…..could this have contributed to what he eventually did? Absolutely! Gang, Mr. Buccaran sponsored The Student Council, because he had a vision for what our school needed to be….and as a result of his vision and caring, we, The Student Council, stepped up and stepped out….in other words we refused to be seperate from our classmates instead we decided to unite our classmates behind us and lead the way, by planning and executing events that the entire school could participate in together. It was the first year that we had ever had a Bon Fire(we had two), it was the first year that the Football Pep Rallies included the Student Council’s Presence, prominently. It was the only year that The President of The Student Council (who was vain and loved the way he looked[LOL]) promised a small band of brothers(The Football Team) that if they defeated the vaunted John Ehret High School Patriots(Only one loss in 4 years and the Number 1 ranked team in the State) at their Stadium, he would allow #23, Justin Dowden, to shave his head and give him a mohawk that would end all mohawk’s(LOL)…..IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE SCHOOL!!! That day, ya’ll, unless you were absent from school, Everybody at Slidell High School was at the Pep Rally(Staff, Faculty, Administration, and Students) all in one place, all about to share in a moment that only they would be part of for the rest of their lives, a unique moment, that would seal all of our memories together, and solidify the fact that The Student Council President would do whatever it took to unify our School. On Friday October 8, 1981, Justin Dowden took a razor to the head of Student Council President Sam St-Phard and from that moment forward, according to Allison Burch(Homecoming Court 1981 and a member of The Class of ’82) “We knew that you were serious about unifying our school, and we were ready to follow a guy who would do that for us!” Gang, there was no “Bullying” that year, because, there were no “Bullies”. There were no “Loners”, that year, because we all attempted to make sure that no one was “Lonely”. There were no shootings or acts of violence that year because we were all to darn busy having fun with each other, and laughing at the idiot who had his head shaved into a Mohawk in front of the whole School(LOL)!! There are only 2,500 people in the whole world who shared what we did in 1981-1982, and I am going to write a book about it, because the World needs to know that Schools can be unified and people don’t have to die at School. If we can get our story out about that one galvanizing moment in time(1981-1982), then maybe, just maybe, one bully will stop picking on another kid, and someone just might reach out to a “Loner” and ask him, “What’s your name? My name is ———–, would you like to sit at my table for lunch?” Maybe with such an invitation and introduction, that School would become a little less likely to potentially suffer an act of unspeakable violence. Are you all seeing my point? Do you all understand what our School, as a whole, accomplished?
    We were the Mathematical Equation: 2500 = 1 (2,500 individual Students became 1 Student Body)!!! GO YOU MIGHTY TIGERS!!!!!

    If you have any memories of that year(1981-1982) that make you smile, or even laugh, please contact me by e-mail at samstp@gmail.com and I will do my best to get it into our book. I will never, ever forget that year, and I will always be humbled and honored by the opportunity you all gave me to serve you on our school’s Student Council that year.

    Warmest Regards,
    and Thank you,
    Sam St-Phard.

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